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These aspects include info regarding your rifle, taxidermy and procedures upon arrival at O R Tambo, South Africa


The information provided below is important.
Read through and print it if necessary.


The rainy season is normally from November through March, being summer with the temperature very warm, the remainder of the year April through September is cooler and is the main hunting season, but if you are fit and don't mind heat or rain, then year round hunting is available.

We don't have control over climate and wildlife, no outfitter can guarantee fine weather and that species mentioned will always be located within the hunt. 

That is why hunts are normally 7-day minimum. 

In general, South Africa has a perennially sunny climate, but the sun can be extremely fierce. 

The use of a hat and sunscreen is recommended. 

Midwinter occurs in June and July, midsummer in December and January. Climate ranges from 

Mediterranean in the Cape Peninsula to sub-tropical on the KwaZulu-Natal Coast and in the North Eastern interior, and temperate conditions prevail on the Highveld. 


South Africa tap water is extremely palatable and perfectly safe to drink. Bottled water is also available in most retail outlets. 


220/240 Volts AC, 50Hz Converters necessary for electrical appliances. 


Clothing in neutral colours or non-military is recommended for hunting, also comfortable well-worn hunting boots and sweaters / warm jackets for cool nights and mornings.

Remember not to bring too many clothing as we have a daily laundry service.

 We recommend you bring:

     * 1 smart/casual outfit

    * 1 warm jacket

    * 1 warm sweater

    * 2 long hunt pants

    * 2 short hunt pants

    * 3 short sleeve shirts / polo / t- shirts

    * 4-5 pairs socks

    * 4 sets underwear

    * Comfortable camp shoes

    * Gloves

    * Belt (hunt and everyday travel)

    * Cap (hunting and warm)

    * Rain gear (optional - we seldom use it)

    * Light wind jacket (optional)

    * Personal check list

    * Airline tickets

    * Passport (Keep a photocopy of your passport in a separate place)

    * Immunization shots: remember our hunting areas are a malaria free area, but do consult a

       doctor before coming. Do it several weeks before your trip.

 Don't forget to pack:

     * SPF 30 Sunblock

    * Camera

    * Video camera, extra battery/charger, converter

    * Wallet, credit cards

    * Small back pack

    * Travel alarm

    * Any prescriptions for medications you may require

    * Personal toiletries

    * Insect repellent

    * Personal first aid kit (optional - every professional hunter has one)

    * Compact Binoculars

    * Other optional extras:

    * Tissue packs

    * Travel journal

    * Map


1. Bring the rifle that you are most comfortable with.
2. It is important to spend time on the shooting range before you come.
3. We recommend that you zero your rifle at 200 yards for Plains Game hunt.
4. We recommend that you zero your rifle at 100 yards for Bushveld Game hunt.
5. Recommended caliber from 308, 306 and 300 Winmag / Remington Ultramag.
6. For any one of the Big 5, South African law requires a 375 as minimum caliber.
7. You are not permitted to bring more than 200 rounds per caliber. We recommend 60 rounds per caliber depending on how many animals you plan to hunt.
8. No semi-automatic rifles or pistols are allowed.
9. Revolvers with a hunting scope are permitted.
10. Remember cleaning equipment.
11. Bring a headlight.
12. Bring an extra scope if you have one (In case of damage caused on the plane)


We work with Rupert Dedekind at Universal Trophy Services ( for raw preparation, and/or should you require mounting, please note the following:

1. Only one client per crate.
2. Trophies must be in quarantine for 90 days.
3. Any pigs can cause a delay in shipping due to transport permits.
4. Delays of issuing permits are common in South Africa, please bear with us.
5. Please note that taxidermy rates are calculated in Rand value and exchange rates change frequently.
6. Shipping costs can only be finalised upon crated shipment.
7. A deposit to the taxidermist is required to ensure that your animal/s go onto the production line.
8. No rodents must be exported.
9. Warthogs must be packed in a separate crate.
10. Raw and processed animals cannot be shipped together.


Permits can be done in a month in advance via internet on Google (Click here to download). This can then be emailed to us at Please be sure to NOT sign the form as you will need to sign at the airport and bring it with you to the airport. 

If you prefer not to travel with a firearm, you are welcome to rent ours at a small fee.


1. Valid passport with open pages. Print yourself 3 copies of the front page.
2. 3 copies of your return airline ticket.
3. Letter of invitation from your hunting outfitter. (Download from
4. SAP520 form, filled in and NOT signed (we can complete for you on prior arrangement at no  extra cost). 
5. Proof of ownership of your rifles (CBP form 4457) with stamp and valid date and take to airport police station.


1. Clear to passport control.
2. Proceed to baggage claims. (Rifle will not be here.)
3. Upon exiting terminal you will be greeted by your Professional Hunter.
4. Hereafter, we will proceed to the police station to verify your permit and applications as well as the inspection of your rifle.
5. Your permit will be used, so keep it on hand at all times with your rifle.
6. Bring a soft case as well to transport rifle serial numbers.
7. Lock your ammunition in a lock-up case inside your checked bag.


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